"Please thank Kevin again for working with my daughter last week! It was pretty amazing how he could spot her weaknesses and give her tools to help her. It did make a difference this weekend at her regular practices as her coach actually complimented her on her passing! In fact, all of the girls on our team who attended one or more of your clinics improved! It is very noticeable. =0)"​

"Hi Kevin:
Thank you again for sharing your gift of volleyball with our girls. Need to let you know the daughter I brought to the gym is not the same daughter I brought home from the gym. In that 2 hour session she literally transformed to a different level player.
I never saw her hit and pass better. The girl that left your training was confident and positive about volleyball. At first I thought I imagined the whole thing... like an out of touch dad. But she had another clinic later that evening and again played to a level I never imagined was possible. Hits that went cross court, down the line, off speed etc. Amazing. Several of the other parents came up to me and said they never saw her play like that before so I know it was true.
I spoke to my daughter last night and asked her about her new game. She said Kevin Wong was the best coach she has ever had. In two hours she learned more about volleyball than in the last two years with other clubs. The difference is your ability to analyze what a player is doing wrong and offering simple adjustments that kids can understand. She could not stop raving about you. The other players felt the same way. Hope this feedback helps.
I know you have a busy schedule because you have to leave next week but the girls asked if you have time to train with them again next week. Any day and any length of time is great.
Thank you again, Kevin."

"I'm so happy that we found your volleyball program, not only do you have top notch coaches who really understand volleyball, but also kids as well. We really do feel like family and that's important to us. My son has felt comfortable with your program since the first day. It's awesome that Kevin knows the kids names, he always calls my son by name and even though he wasn't in his group last night, he still cheered him on when he made a nice play during the game last night at the end of practice. You guys really have the best program!!!"

"Thank you for providing this opportunity to our kids. It’s so difficult to find positive coaching nowadays!!! And the icing on the cake is, having a coach who knows what he’s doing!!"

​​"The truth is we just love SAS and how you both reach out to the community with programs like Mauka to Makai! You both care about Hawaii and have opened doors and created opportunities for keikis to learn and enjoy the fun game of volleyball. The benefits are even farther-reaching as team sports promote higher self-esteem and self-confidence in young people and that is awesome! Thank you both so much! If we can ever do anything for you, please do not hesitate to let us know!"

​"Both my girls learned great tips on serving. Yesterday both girls got points on their serve with only one service error (we won the match!) I asked one of them why she served so well. She said, "Coach Kevin Wong". Thought you would enjoy this feedback..."

"I think that all of us there with our children are so very thankful for everything that you and Kevin are doing for our community and the sport.
We are all so fortunate to have you here in Hawaii.  All of the kids are improving and having so much fun. We all love Spike and Serve."